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Ranking the Treehouse of Horror episodes

The Simpsons
24th Treehouse of Horror episode aired last night. Although they should have stopped making episodes 10 or 11 seasons ago, some of the newer Halloween episodes can be entertaining. Every Simpsons fan adores these special episodes and will agree on how great they are. Every Halloween I make a point of watching every single one of them, whether they’re good or bad, and this year will be no exception. This year I’ve ranked them so you can decide which ones you want to re-watch and which ones you want to pretend never happened.

24) Treehouse of Horror XXIII (Season 24)
This is definitely the worst Treehouse of Horror episode ever made, and it’s only because of it’s awful middle segment. The other two aren’t actually that bad, there’s just some weird bit in the middle one where Homer gets into bed with two spirits for a threesome.

Segments: Best to Worse
Bart & Homer’s Excellent Adventure
The Greatest Story Ever Holed
UNnormal Activity
23) Treehouse of Horror XXI (Season 22)
Twilight parodies are boring. Cool tribute to The Office in the couch gag though.

Segments: Best to Worse
War and Pieces
Master and Cadaver48eb7286822ef9426aa275ad5fdc7352-2430222) Treehouse of Horror XXIV (Season 25)
Even though it has an awesome title sequence/couch gag this year, the 24th (but 25th season) Treehouse of Horror episode isn’t actually that funny. It’s definitely an improvement from last year though. The first segment was the only one that actually made me laugh. I kind of half-smiled throughout the rest. Appreciated the ending, I’m so sick of How I Met Your Mother.

Segments: Best to Worse
Oh The Places You’ll D’oh
Dead and Shoulders
Freaks no GeeksToo_Ugly_to_Hug
21) Treehouse of Horror XX (Season 21)
Any episode with Moe in it is a good episode.

Segments: Best to Worse
There’s No Business Like Moe Business
Dial ‘M’ for Murder or Press ‘#’ to Return to Main Menu
Don’t Have a Cow, Mankind
20) Treehouse of Horror XIX (Season 20)
Charlie Brown and Mad Men are awesome.

Segments: Best to Worse
It’s the Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse
How to Get Ahead in Dead-vertising
Untitled Robot Parody
19) Treehouse of Horror XV (Season 16)
Very rarely a Halloween episode with Flanders will disappoint. This episode also features a really good Fantastic Voyage parody.

Segments: Best to Worse
In the Belly of the Boss
The Ned Zone
Four Beheadings and a Funeral
18) Treehouse of Horror XII (Season 13)
Like Twilight parodies, Harry Potter ones are pretty boring too. Hex and the City is a pretty solid segment though. Homer: “Everything worked out for the best”
Marge: “What are you talking about Bart’s dead!” – Gets me every time.

Segments: Best to Worse
Hex and the City
House of Whacks
Wiz Kids
17) Treehouse of Horror XIV (Season 15)
The last segment isn’t that good but the first two are great. Frink is a hilarious minor character and isn’t in the show enough.

Segments: Best to Worst
Reaper Madness
Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off
16) Treehouse of Horror XXII (Season 23)
Season 23’s Halloween episode features a pretty funny Avatar parody, but it’s Ned who steals the show again.

Segments: Best to Worst
Dial D for Diddly
In the Na’Vi
The Diving Bell and Butterball
15) Treehouse of Horror XVIII (Season 19)
Who doesn’t love E.T.? The Mr and Mrs Smith parody is a little uninspiring though.

Segments: Best to Worst
E.T., Go Home
Heck House
Mr. & Mrs. Simpson
14) Treehouse of Horror XVI (Season 17)
The 17th season Treehouse of Horror episode features a really cool segment where everybody in Springfield turns into their costumes.

Segments: Best to Worse
I’ve Grown a Costume on Your Face
Survival of the Fattest
B.I.: Bartificial Intelligence
13) Treehouse of Horror XVII (Season 18)
Really solid segments for a later season episode.

Segments: Best to Worse
You Gotta Know When To Golem
The Day the Earth Looked Stupid
Married to the Blob
12) Treehouse of Horror XI (Season 12)
This Halloween episode features a creative segment where a number of known fairytales are parodied. Something about killer dolphins always cracked me up too.

Segments: Best to Worst
Scary Tales Can Come True
Night of the Dolphin
G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad
11) Treehouse of Horror XIII (Season 14)
Another really good segment that gives the minor characters more attention than usual. The Homer clones segment is also pretty strong.

Segments: Best to Worse
The Island of Dr. Hibbert
Send in the Clones
The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms
10) Treehouse of Horror VI (Season 7)
We’re finally getting to the best Treehouse of Horror episodes. Number 10 belongs to season 7, although I was never really a fan of the Homer³ episode (unpopular opinion), I love the Attack of the 50-Foot Eyesores segment.

Segments: Best to Worst
Attack of the 50-Foot Eyesores
Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace
the simpsons the treehouse of horror II lisa's nightmare 5 stars phistars worthy
09) Treehouse of Horror II (Season 3)
Homer’s exchange with the vendor gets me every time.

Segments: Best to Worse
Bart’s Nighmare (The Bart Zone)
Homer’s Nightmare (If I Only Had a Brain)
Lisa’s Nightmare (The Monkey’s Paw)500px-The_Terror_of_Tiny_Toon_1908) Treehouse of Horror IX (Season 10)
Homer as Snake is hilarious but Bart and Lisa in Itchy and Scratchy is even better.

Segments: Best to Worse
The Terror of Tiny Toon
Hell Toupée
Starship Poopers2010022822463107) Treehouse of Horror X (Season 11)
Best Flanders Halloween episode ever. Comic Book Guy gets an equally as entertaining segment too.
“Her eyes say yes yes, but the restraining order says no no”

Segments: Best to Worse
Desperately Xeeking Xena
I Know What You Diddily-Iddily-Did
Life’s a Glitch, Then You Die
06) Treehouse of Horror III (Season 4)
“Is this the end of Zombie Shakespeare?”

Segments: Best to Worst
Clown Without Pity
Dial ‘Z’ For Zombies
King Homer
3. Easy-Bake Coven
05) Treehouse of Horror VIII (Season 9)
The best Zombie segment is in Season 9’s Treehouse of Horror episode. Also Marge as a witch is pretty damn awesome. Homer screaming “they’re in my hair!!” never fails to make me laugh.

Segments: Best to Worst
The HΩmega Man
Easy-Bake Coven
Fly vs. Fly
04) Treehouse of Horror I (Season 2)
The first ever Treehouse of Horror episode, I imagine a lot of die hard fans will insist it should be number one.

Segments: Best to Worst
The Raven
Hungry are the Damned
Bad Dream House
03) Treehouse of Horror IV (Season 5)
Arguably one of the most “iconic” Treehouse of Horror episodes, it’s the one that I remember seeing the most on TV. It’s also the first one I remember really, really enjoying. Twilight Zone references for the win!

Segments: Best to Worst
Terror at 5½ Feet
The Devil and Homer Simpson
Bart Simpson’s Dracula
02) Treehouse of Horror VII (Season 8)
The Hugo (Too crazy for Boys Town, too much of a boy for Crazy Town) segment is my favourite Treehouse of Horror segment ever. It would be number one but the season six episode is just that bit better.

Segments: Best to Worst
The Thing and I
The Genesis Tub
Citizen Kang
01) Treehouse of Horror V (Season 6)
Without a doubt the best Treehouse of Horror episode The Simpsons have ever produced. The Shining parody alone is the strongest Halloween-eqsue thing they’ve ever done and I trust most people will agree it’s one of the best, if not the best.

Segments: Best to Worst
The Shinning
Time and Punsihment
Nightmare Cafeteria


I’ve been writing about different Halloween TV Specials every day this month, check them out here.

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